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Florida Keys and Key West Beaches - Our Beach Guide

Florida Keys and Key West beaches and our "take" on how they rate.....
Info on swimming, sunbathing, amenities and more.

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About our Florida Keys and Key West Beaches

   Because of our Florida Keys geology and the coral reef extending virtually all down the Keys, we don't get a lot of the big rolling wave action, therefore,  the sandy beaches/swimming areas that are so well known in the rest of Florida less common here. Yes, we do have some great beaches and most parks, cities and resorts  maintain "beaches" for you to visit. Generally, these consist of a built-up sand beach area above the water line where you can tan or lounge around. The Atlantic side of Key West has several popular big sandy beaches with all the amenities. There are two in Marathon you may want to check out as well. The Sombrero Beach Park has been recently up-graded (see listings below) and the lesser known Cocoplum while short of amenities is semi-private and a long beach. Probably the best Florida Keys beaches are at Bahia Honda State Park and Key West ocean-side - well-maintained with great amenities There is a small fee for entrance in Bahia Honda, but worth it. There are several beaches, oceanside and bayside.
   The down-side of our Florida Keys beaches is the sea-grass that piles up along the shoreline when the wind is right, that's the whiff of an odor you get alongside the highway as you travel down the Keys. Most public beaches are regularly swept and this isn't much of a problem. Now you know.
   You can jump in the water and snorkel, swim or fish just about anywhere along the highway in public areas, notice a few fishermen wading out and fishing along the shoreline
- a very inexpensive way to enjoy some of the finest sportsfishing anywhere.

Our Florida Keys Beach Pages

We are putting together more infopages on the local beaches, and we will add the links here as we go on:
Bahia Honda State Park (primo beaches for the family)
Sombrero Beach-Marathon    (all the amenities & a good beach)
Sunset Park-Key Colony Beach  (small, real small, no amenities)

Cocoplum (Marathon) web cam      Fort Zachery Beach (Key West) web cam

There is a link in the  grey related listings link bar for current test readings for Florida Keys beaches water quality. The methods of testing and testing areas are shown as well as the latest results.

One of the benefits of our Florida Keys beach scene here in the fabulous Florida Keys


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