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Mailing Address:
Don Patterson/keysweb.info
40  Beachcomber Lane #2
Englewood, FL 34223

Cell: (706) 897-3059


Just who the heck is Don Patterson?
   We admit, he's a transplanted Yankee. Originally from Michigan, he was living full time in the Grassy Key since 2001 and been a part-time resident for the past 20 years, well,  until Hurricane Wilma got him. Now he's in the N GA mountains in the summer and on the beach in Englewood, FL during the winter.
   Semi-retired from a construction and computer consultant background, Don was  left  with too much time on his hands and he saw a need for this type of web site - and here we are.
   Joking aside, the creation of this website is basically to make a buck, actually, a lot of bucks. The difference is how we do it. List everybody & everything for free and get a database of valuable content that visitors can really use - easily & without the usual BS that webs throw at you. Our linking & other fees are pretty low, giving everyone a chance at the pie, not just a few that would pay big bucks to appear.
   Will this web work? You better believe it. Our number one goal for this web (and write this down to succeed in any business) is always put the consumer first. If you do that, once they get over the shock of someone actually doing what they promised to do in an orderly and efficient manner and a fair fee, they will be your partner for life.
   This web currently garners around 10,000 visitors a month with an average of just under 3 page views each - and is growing every month. It works.

We now offer web development and web optimization for large and small businesses, from just a simple page to get your feet wet to highly data based ecommerce sites.




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