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Florida Keys Dive Sites - Wreck San Pedro

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Location 24 51.90'   80 40.72'
The wreck location is 1.25 nautical miles off Lower Matecumbe Key and 1 nautical mile off Indian Key.
 Hundreds of Spaniards, many heavily weighted with smuggled gold and emeralds, undoubtedly dropped their personal fortunes all along that harrowing route,  a line drawn from the shipwreck to Indian Key, and 50 yards to either side, would outline a rewarding area to search, as the professional salvage companies had no time for small scale searching, and the Spanish salvors were unconcerned with personal losses. There are many bare sand patches in a line from the wreck to the key, and any of these could yield a fortune in gold and emerald jewelry!
Markers 5 mooring buoys
Depth    Experience Level:   Intermediate to Advanced
History Part of the 1733 Galleon Fleet sunk in a hurricane.
Present Condition  
Protected as part of Florida's Underwater Park System the ship itself is off limits to salvors.
Local Dive Shops  
Web Sources Florida's Underwater Archaeological Preserves: San Pedro  
Has maps and more