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Florida Keys Commercial Fishing

Florida Keys commercial fishing & supplies - all Keys

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Upper Florida  Keys
Key Largo Fisheries (Bait-Wholesale)
   MM 99.5, Oceanside, Key Largo.....(305) 451-3782
Plantation Fisheries (Bait-Wholesale)
   Tavernier.....(305) 852-2561   (800) 447-2248
Middle Florida Keys - Marathon
Keys Fisheries Market & Marina
   35th St, Bayside, Marathon.....(305) 743-4353
National Fisheries Inc, 3880 Golf View Av.....
(305) 743-5545

Marathon Seafood, 1250A Oceanview Ave.....(305) 743-1818

Nichols Seafood of Conch Key, MM 63.....289-0900
Ocean Seafood, 890 15th St, Ocean.....
(305) 743-4843
Lower Florida Keys
Cudjoe Key Fishing Equipment Sales
   (Comm Fishing-Comm Supplies), MM 22.....(305) 745-3667
Key West Shellfish Co, Summerland Key.....(305) 745-9974
Summerland Seafood, Summerland Key.....(305) 745-1322


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