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Big Pine Restaurant Review

Date: May 13, 2004 Dec  2007  
By: Don Patterson  
   Stopped in for breakfast on a May, 2004 Thursday at 9:30am.

   Bayside, near center of island, plenty of parking, the recent times I drove by it looked as if they were remodeling. My barber lives in Big Pine and says they aren't bad so I decide to stop by for breakfast. This was positively the worst experience I've ever had in a restaurant anywhere - not just the Keys.
   I picked up a newspaper in the rack out front, walked in and sat at the counter right to the side of the cash register. I observe 8 customers, 1 cook, 1 waitress, 1 assistant cook or helper taking a break at a nearby table and what I took for a manager or assistant manager behind the counter with his foot up on something under the counter and having a chat with a customer 2 stools over from me. This conversation never stopped the entire time I was there, the waitress, who was scurrying, had to ease around this clown every time she went by.
  At any rate, I opened up the paper and literally read it for just under 15 minutes without being offered a cup of coffee or a glass of water - I was totally ignored the entire time. The waitress rang up a sale right in front of me and never said anything, the jerk behind the counter never moved his foot or stopped chatting.

   This is the start of the "slow season" and business isn't quite as good as when the tourists are down in force and local business hopes for local trade. Not this place. I have no idea how the food is, but as arrogant as this staff was - I intend to avoid it and make sure I tell everybody I know to do the same.

   I walked out, I advise you not to walk in...

Don Patterson
address comments on this review: donp@keysweb.info

Revisited the restaurant in Dec, 2007, and was pleasantly surprised, good service and oh my, what a  breakfast - prime rib (a big hunk)  & eggs... great breakfast, even when they had a fair crowd.



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