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Florida Keys -  Dropped Address and Phone Number
Find a listing with no address or phone number? Here's why.......

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Why no address and phone number for a free listing?
Keeping this site accurate and current has reaped some great rewards - our viewership is growing and more of these new viewers come back over and over again. Since new Keys businesses are starting up & some others fade away; we call on the phone or actually stop by and talk with these companies to see if we have it right. We tell them up front who we are and what we are doing.
Most local businesses are friendly and courteous and even help us add new listings and make corrections if and when required.  However, not all Florida Keys businesses are the spirit of cooperation and, how shall we say, "consumer friendly". Therefore, we link them here.

  • They tell us they don't need to advertise. Feel free to use other methods to find them.

  • Some businesses don't respond to phone calls or emails, we directed them here

  • Some businesses flat blow us off, we directed them here


If your business is linked to this page:
   It's easy to fix.....call us @ (706) 7897-3059 or email: donp@keysweb.info