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Florida Keys and Key West Airports, Airlines and Services

Find listings for airports and aircraft services and aircraft charters anywhere in the Florida Keys

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Florida Keys Airlines-Local Charter


Paradise Aviation.....(305) 743-4222
Key West
Delta, Reservations & Information.....(800) 221-1212   Key West-Atlanta
Continental Connection.....(305) 294-9460   (800) 523-3273
Florida Coastal Airlines.....(305) 296-9725

Key West International Airport, 3491 S Roosevelt, Key West.....(305) 296-5439

Air - Sightseeing Charters
Conch Air Bi-Plane Rides.....(305) 289-5558
Coral Reef Air Tours.....(305) 747-2249
Tropical Fighters.....(305) 743-4222

Sugarloaf Key
Fantasy Dan's Airplane Rides, US Hwy 1.....(305) 745-2217
Key West

Air Key West.....(305) 923-4033
Island Aeroplane Tours, 3469 S Roosevelt Blvd.....(305) 294-8687
Seaplanes of Key West/Dry Tortugas Trips, 3471 S. Roosevelt Blvd
   (305) 294-4014 

Ground Services - Repair
Marathon Jet Center.....(305) 743-1995
Sugarloaf Key
Computerized Aircraft Maintenance  Systems
   17024 Green Turtle Lane.....(305) 744-3333

Key West

EYW Avionics, 3471 S Roosevelt Blvd.....(305) 292-2671

Schools-Flight Instruction (all Keys)
Flying Inflatable Boats.....(305) 731-7472  
Marathon Jet Center, 8800 O/S Hwy, Marathon.....(305) 743-1995
High Side Ultralights & Adventures. 3101 N Roosevelt Blvd.....
(305) 296-9890


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