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Florida Keys Seafood Stores

Florida Keys seafood retail & wholesale - stone crabs, fresh fish, lobsters and more....
The Keys are all about fresh seafood.

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Fresh Florida Keys Seafood - Retail Outlets

Upper Florida Keys Seafood Stores

Fish House Restaurant & Seafood Market, MM 102.401, Key largo.....(305) 451-4665
Islamorada Fish Company, MM 81.532, Bayside, Islamorada.....(305) 664-9271
Key Largo Fisheries, MM 1313 Ocean Dr, Key Largo.....
(305) 451-3782

Middle Florida Keys - Marathon Seafood Stores

Captain's Three Fisheries, 19 Coco Plum Dr.....(305) 289-1131
Fish Tales Market & Eatery, 11711 O/S Hwy.....
(305) 743-9196
Keys Fisheries Market & Marina, 35th St, Bayside.....
(305) 743-4353
ORE Seafood, 1264 Oceanview.....(305) 743-2255

Lower Florida Keys & Key West Seafood Stores

Sugarloaf Key
Fanci Seafood.....(305) 745-3887
Summerland Key
Summerland Seafood.
MM 24.933 Bayside, Summerland Key  Call: (800) 425-2082

Key West
3-D Seafood, Shrimp Rd, Stock Island.....(305) 294-0808
Conch Republic Seafood Co, 631 Greene St.....(305) 294-4402
Eaton Street Seafood Market, 801 Eaton St..... (305) 295-3474
Sea Market, 6840 Front St.....(305) 296-8528

Wholesale Seafood Outlets-All Keys

Fishbusterz Fisheries, 6840 Front St.....(305) 294-0554
D & D Seafood, 38 Coco Plum Dr, Key Colony Beach.....
(305) 289-1452
Keys Fisheries, 35th St, Bayside, Marathon.....(305) 743-4353
Key Largo Fisheries, MM 99.5, Key Largo.....(305) 451-3782
RE Seafood, 1264 Oceanview.....(305) 743-2255

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