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Florida Keys and Key West Cellular Telephone Service Dealers

Florida Keys and Key West cellular telephone dealers - anywhere in the Florida Keys

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Upper Florida Keys Cellular Telephone Dealers
AT&T Store, MM 103.400 O/S Hwy.....(305) 451-3222
Cingular, MM 90.280,  Tavernier.....(305) 852-7770
Metro PCS, MM 99.353, Key Largo.....(305) 451-9909
Radio Shack, Tradewinds Shopping Ctr, Key Largo.....(305) 451-0874

Middle Florida Keys - Marathon Cellular Telephone Dealers
Cingular Wireless.....(305) 743-5399
Radio Shack, 11060 O/S Hwy.....(305) 743-6222

Lower Florida Keys  - Key West Cellular Telephone Dealers
Key West
AT&T Retail Store, 1117 Key Plaza.....(305) 296-5007
Metro PCS-Phone Depot, 506 Southard St.....(305) 294-3443
Radio Shack, Key Plaza.....(305) 294-3984
Sun Communications, 5522 1st Ave, Stock Island.....(305) 295-4450
The Phone Spot, 819 Peacock Plaza.....(305) 296-7030



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