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Florida Keys and Key West Plumbing Fixtures

Florida Keys and Key West plumbing fixture showrooms & contractors

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Upper Florida Keys
Forest-Tec Lumber & Hdwe, MM 88.5, Islamorada.....(305) 852-4300
Keys Supply, , MM 102.1, Key Largo.....451-9515
KLI True-Value Home Improvement Center
   MM 102.4, Key largo.....451-0311
Scotty's, MM 101, Key Largo.....451-2400

Seaside Plumbing, MM 98.9 O/S Hwy, Key Largo.....451-3382
Wholesale Supply, MM 97.9, Key Largo.....853-9291 

Middle Florida Keys-Marathon
Home Depot, 4555 O/S Hwy.....(305) 289-1966
Pelican Plumbing, 10937 O/S Hwy.....743-5357
Rhodes Ernest Plumbing, 10700 5th Av, Gulf.....743-7072

Lower Florida Keys
Big Pine
Scotty's, MM 30.3.....(305) 872-2307
Key West
Ed's Quality Plumbing, 3201 Flagler.....294-6276
Lawrence Plumbing Supply, 405 N Flagler St.....248-7020
Manley-DeBoer Lumber Company, 1109 Eaton St.....294-5900
Strunk Ace Hdwe, 1101 Eaton St.....296-9091


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