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Florida Keys and Key West Fence Contractors and Supplies

Florida Keys and Key West fence supplies contractors and supplies - anywhere in the Florida Keys

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1107-G/Y(7)/B(7)   UPD-0511

Upper Florida Keys Fence Contractors and Supplies
Ellis Aluminum & Screen, MM 101.6, Key Largo.....(305) 453-3669

Florida Fence Corp, MM 98.600, Key Largo.....
(305) 852-4324
Monroe County Fence Co, Key Largo.....
(305) 451-3504
Ronnie's Fence Co, Tavernier.....
(305) 852-8449

Middle Florida Keys - Marathon
Fence Contractors and Supplies
none listed

Lower Florida Keys
Fence Contractors and Supplies
Big Pine
Don & Son Fence Company.....(305) 872-9877
Key West
F & W Fence, 1612 United St.....
(305 ) 296-2928

DIY Supplies
Home Depot
Dixie Aluminum-True Value Hdwe


Natural shrubs and plantings may also serve as a fence,
see landscaping


Date last edited:  05/12/2011