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Florida Keys and Key West Boating Supplies and Equipment

Florida Keys and Key West boating hardware, supplies and equipment listings- all Keys

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Aside from Marinas, you may buy supplies and equipment from these specialty stores

Upper Keys Boating Supplies and Equipment
All Hose & Marine Supply, MM 95.175, Key largo.....(305) 852-4104
Boatersworld Discount Marine Center
   MM 105.6, Key Largo.....
(305) 451-0025
Curtis Marine Inc, 229 Banyan Ln, Tavernier.....
(305) 852-5218
Dixie Aluminum-True Value
   MM 88.5, Tavernier.....
(305) 852-5104
NAPA Auto Parts, MM 99.5, Key Largo.....
(305) 451-3241
Lazarette The, MM 89.1, Tavernier.....
(305) 852-1112
Strictly Marine, MM 102, Key largo.....
(305) 451-5412
Tee Top Factory, 98.750 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo.....(305) 852-8520
West Marine,
MM 103.4, Key Largo.....(305) 453-9050

Middle Keys-Marathon
Boating Supplies and Equipment
Boatersworld  Discount Marine Center
   5001 Overseas Hwy.....(305) 743-7707
Jon Johnson Marine Electronics....
(305) 743-4049
Southseas Rigging, 3800 O/S Hwy.....
(305) 289-3333
Specialty Hardware, 10730 O/S Hwy.....
(305) 743-3382
West Marine, 2055 O/S Hwy.....
(305) 289-1009

Lower Keys and Key West
Boating Supplies and Equipment
Cudjoe Key
Cudjoe Fishing Equipment Sales.....(305) 745-3667
Key West
Boatersworld  Discount Marine Centers
   3022 N Roosevelt Blvd.....(305) 295-9232
Dean's Compass & Rigging
   Shrimp Rd, Stock Island.....(305) 294-1365
Gulf Atlantic, Stock Island.....(305) 296-8509
Key West Marine Hdwe, 818 Caroline St.....(305) 294-3519
Peninsular Enterprises, 6000 Peninsula Av.....(305) 296-8110
Standard Marine Supply, 5713 1st Av, Stock Island.....(305) 294-2515
West Marine,
5790 Second Ave.....(305) 295-0999
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Date last edited: 12/27/2007