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Florida Keys Upholstery - Auto, Marine and Home

Florida Keys upholstery -  auto, marine  and home - anywhere in the Keys.

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These listings cross-over a lot, some will do upholstering for cars, boats & home,  for example.

Auto / Marine

Upper Keys
J & T Canvas.....(305) 453-1331
Key Largo Awning, MM 103.6.....(305) 451-1302
Made in the Shade Marine Canvas & Upholstery
Key Largo.....(305) 852-8520

Middle Keys

Carnival Canvas, 2673 O/S Hwy.....(305) 743-0089
Keys Quality Canvas, 69 53rd St Ocean.....
(305) 743-4252

Lower Keys
Big Pine Key
All Keys Canvas, 21 County Rd.....(305) 872-0244
ATB Canvas  Designs, 9 Ships Way.....(305) 872-1500
Key West
Blue Water Design.....(305) 296-5939
Lonnie Hensley Trim & Upholstery,6631 Maloney Av.....(305) 304-8996

Sungard Marine Upholstery.....(305) 296-1385


Upper Keys
Angie's Custom Cushions, Tavernier.....(305) 852-7215
Rawson Upholstering, MM 88.165, Plantation Key.....(305) 852-9144

Middle Keys
Rip-Off, 10933 O/S Hwy.....
(305) 743-4212

Lower Keys
Big Pine
Ambience Design, 20375 Quail Roost.....(305) 342-1167
Key West
Blue Water Design.....(305) 296-5939
Ramrod Key
Studio 27 Auto & Marine Upholstery, MM26.924.....(305) 872-4206