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Florida Keys and Key West
RV Parks, RV Resorts, Camping and Campgrounds

Florida Keys and Key West RV Parks, RV resorts and campgrounds - use related listings for links to more great Keys camping opportunities

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Upper Florida Keys RV Parks & Campgrounds -
Key Largo, Islamorada & Tavernier

Capt Jax Resort & RV Park, MM 103.5, Key Largo.....(305) 451-0010
Fiesta KOA, MM 70, Islamorada.....(305) 664-4922
Florida Keys RV Resort, MM 106, Key Largo.....(305) 451-6090
Largo Park, MM 101.600, Key Largo.....(305) 451-2911
Long Key State Park, Long Key, MM 67.400, Long Key.....(305) 664-4815

Middle Florida Keys-Marathon Area
RV Parks & Campgrounds

Grassy Key RV Park and Resort, MM 58.671 Gulfside, Grassy Key .....(305)-289-1606

Jolly Roger Travel Park, MM 59.2, Grassy Key.....(305) 289-0404
Ocean Breeze Trailer Park, 1337 Ocean Breeze Av.....(305) 743-6020
Pelican Motel & Trailer Park, MM 59, Grassy Key.....(305) 289-0011

Lower Florida Keys RV Parks & Campgrounds

Big Pine Key
Breezy Pines RV Estates, MM 29.859 Gulfside....(305) 872-9041

Royal Palm R.V. Park, MM30, (305) 872-9856

Seahorse RV Park, 201 County Rd.....(305) 872-2443
Sunshine Key Camping Resort, MM 38.801.....(305)872-2217

Sugarloaf Key

Sugarloaf Key KOA, MM 20.....(305) 745-3549   (800) 562-7731
Key West
Bluewater Key RV Resort, MM 14.....(305) 745-2494 (800) 237-2266

Boyd's Key West Campground
   6401 Maloney Av, Stock Island, Key West.....(305) 294-1465

El Mar RV Resort, 6700 Maloney Av, Stock Island.....(305) 294-0857
Geiger Key Marina & Campground, MM 10.5, Geiger key.....(305) 296-3553
Leo's Campground & RV Park, 5236 Suncrest Rd....(305) 296-5260

Private Campgrounds
Boy Scouts of America-Sea Base, Islamorada.....(305) 664-2039
Brinton Environmental Center- Boy Scouts of America
   MM 23.8.....(305) 745-1135






Tips: If You bring a RV down Here
Key West is cracking down on overnite stays in local parking lots such as Searstown and other public areas. There is no parking alongside Hwy 1 after 11:00pm all through the Keys. Other communities are following suit.
The local gendarmes may roust you out in the middle of the night. So -  if you don't have an RV park reservation, they can hassle you. Daytime parking during  "The Season" is also bad. (Jan -Mar). Make sure you have a reservation.

Some of the local State Parks have excellent RV facilities. See link above in the gray link bar.

Quote from Jan 16th, 2004
Key West Citizen Editorial

Can we do more to limit the annoyances caused by RVs? In our opinion, there are three initiatives that ought to be considered.
1. Increase the fines for illegal parking from the current $50 to as much as $500. That should get the attention of owners who violate our ordinances.
2. Create a small task force of police officers to vigorously and continuously enforce the ordinances during "high season."
3. Provide a conveniently located pump-out station such as we do for boaters at Key West Bight. Some owners of RVs pump their waste into our storm sewers and that is clearly unacceptable as well as unlawful.




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