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Florida Keys and Key West Auto Brakes

Florida Keys and Key West auto brakes repair shops- anywhere in the Keys

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Upper Keys
Charlie's Garage, MM 102.5, Key Largo.....(305) 451-0050
Wheaton's Service Ctr, MM 101.500, Key Largo.....(305) 451-3500

Middle Keys
Andy & Dave's Garage, 220 20th St, Ocean.....(305) 743-6327
Freeman Automotive, 10455 O/S Hwy.....(305) 743-2646
Muffler Man, 10777 O/S Hwy.....(305) 743-2631
Rally Tire, 12300 Overseas Hwy.....(305) 289-7238

Lower Keys
Big Pine
M& M Automotive, 31133 Ave A.....(305) 872-4302
Tommy's Mobile Tire Service, MM 17.055 O/S Hwy.....(305) 745-3366
Key West-Stock Island
Daffy Dave's Automotive, 1300 Duval St.....(305) 293-8885
JC Auto Repair, 5670 Laurel Av, Stock Island.....(305) 293-8802
Mike's Radiators, Mufflers & Tires, 5509 5th Av.....(305) 294-2813
Monroe Tire & Auto Center, 5172 US Hwy 1, Stock Island.....(305) 294-2677
Richard's Tune-Up, 1100 Bay St.....(305) 294-1029
Truman & White Chevron, 1126 Truman Av.....(305) 296-3190
Zip Automotive, 5630 Maloney Av, Stock Island.....(305) 292-6915


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