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Florida Keys and Key West Diving Shops & Equipment

Florida Keys and Key West diving - shops, equipment, lessons & more -  anywhere in the Florida Keys. Scuba diving in the Keys is the best you will find.

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Our Florida Keys qualify as the number 1 scuba diving and snorkeling destination in the world and for good reason....there are a lot of dive shops so we broke it up.

Quality and Quantity - Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys

We have a lot of quality scuba dive shops and dive sites in the Florida Keys. While we have listed a lot of the known dive spots in our infopages section (see above link bar)- local operators know of a lot more and we recommend you try them for interesting and varied diving. These shops offer excellent training and certification courses and a wide variety of equipment. They offer eco-trips, snorkeling and other types of activities as well. Being blessed with North America's only living reef, a region rich in history and diversity of marine life hasn't hurt us a bit.

Diving on shallow reefs in warm Caribbean waters of the Florida KeysDiving for pleasure or treasure, Florida Keys diving is some of the best in the world. With many dive shops and facilities available, you will find our local diving a great experience.

Use caution on or near the reef, use the anchor buoys and refrain from touching the fragile corals. Many of the reefs are protected and under Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary protection - know the rules.

Florida Keys diving on our living coral reef

Dive on Florida Keys shipwrecks and artificial reefs
Diving on Sombreo Reef in the Florida Keys

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