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Florida Keys Neat Stuff
Our take on something interesting to see & do in the Florida Keys....

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Neat Stuff to do....
Just a collection of places to go that we think are worth the trip.....

  This rickety little marina on the south end of Islamorada has a pier that you can walk out on and see the tarpon. And when we say tarpon, we mean BIG tarpon. For a couple bucks, you can get a small pail of baitfish and feed these 100+ pound monsters. They charge a dollar or two to walk out on the dock, you can buy a bottle of soda-pop or a beer and wander out there. It's a real hoot, the kids love it, and us grown-ups get a kick out of it , too. Look for it bayside, just past Indian Key Fill, right behind the Hungry Tarpon Restaurant (which isn't a bad place for breakfast).  website

Whale Harbor Inn-Islamorada
There are buffets and there are buffets, and when it comes to food, this joint is casual world-class. Not real fancy, they get their money-dinner & drink will chew up $25,but do they put on the feedbag. Seafood; like shrimp, crab legs, mussels, oysters, crawfish, salad bar from hell and a real regular buffet bar with chicken, baked fish and the usual. They have a stir-fry bar as well, pick out your veggies and tell 'em to stir fry it with shrimp, chicken or whatever, make it hot n' spicy, or however you want. Also have a fresh fruit bar and desert bar....it's they kind of place you don't go to every week, but when the urge strikes, look out. Yup, kids love it, too and they do have booze.   website

Burdine's Restaurant-Marathon
This is a big favorite of the locals in Marathon, limited menu (great hamburgers and the best fries in the Keys). And cheap! It's a pain to find, turn Oceanside off Hwy 1 on 15th St (sign is hidden southbound) in the south end of Marathon right where the Hwy splits from 4 lanes to 2 and follow the twisty road to the Boot Key Harbor inlet. Great tour of some seedy trailer parks, but the upper deck dining, sunset view and chow will make up for it.

Pete & Wayne-Key West
Bar none, the best entertainment in the Keys - or damn near anywhere else for that matter.. This show is not for children, trust us. They are a staple at Sloppy Joe's in Key West and play most afternoons. We could go on and on about this outrageous duo, but you just have to experience it yourself, do not pass up the opportunity to buy their CD's. Check out the website, they are live on the Sloppy Cam, too - when it works. Are they seriously warped? We hope so - if this is normal, we're screwed.

Mallory Pier Sunset-Key West (Old Town area)
This is probably a "one-time" deal, but if you haven't walked down to the pier for the sunset show, you may be have missed the number one tourist attraction. They boot out the cruise ships in time for the sunset. It's more like a 3 ring circus, we like it because it opens up some bar stools at the local pubs.
 You will probably find us watching the sunset from the top of The La Concha (Holiday Inn on Duval),  better view from up high and the comfort of a cold one on the veranda.