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Florida Keys and Key West  Schools

Florida Keys and Key West Schools: public, private. college & vocational.

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Upper Florida Keys Schools

Academy at Ocean Reef, 2 Dockside Ln, Key Largo.....(305) 367-2409
Bertha Abess Children's Center, Key Largo
   MM 104.8.....(305) 453-9054
Coral Shores High School, MM 89.9, Tavernier.....(305) 853-3222
Island Christian School, Islamorada
   Elementary, MM 83.2.....664-4933.....(305) 664-2781
   Jr. & Sr. High School. MM 83.4.....(305) 664-4933
Island Pre-School, 5 Transylvania Av, Key Largo.....(305) 451-1181
Keys Academy at St. Justin, MM 105.5, Key Largo.....(305) 451-6415
Key Largo Elementary/Middle School (K-8)
   MM 105, Key Largo.....(305) 453-1255
Montessori Island School, MM 92,2, Tavernier.....(305) 852-3438
Plantation Key Elementary/Middle School (K-8)
   MM 90, Tavernier.....(305) 853-3281
St Justin Marine Academy, MM 105.5, Key Largo.....(305) 451-6415

Middle Florida Keys - Marathon Schools

Bertha Abess Children's Center, 350 Sombrero Rd.....(305) 289-1133
Florida Keys Community College
   900 Sombrero Bch Rd, Marathon.....(305) 743-2133
Island Christian School, 14 125th St.....(305) 743-2200
Marathon Lutheran School, 325 122nd Av.....(305) 289-0700
Marathon Middle/High School (7-12)
   250 Sombrero Beach Rd.....(305) 289-2480
Stanley Switlik Elementary (K-6), MM 48.....(305) 289-2490


Lower Florida Keys-Key West Schools

Big Pine Schools
Big Pine Neighborhood Charter School (K-2), MM 30.....(305) 872-1266
Vineyard Christian School.....872-3404
Summerland Schools
Sugarloaf School Elementary/Middle, 255 Crane Rd.....(305) 745-3282
Key West Schools
Florida Keys Community College, 5901 W College Rd.....(305) 296-9081
Gerald Adams Elementary (K-5), Junior College Rd......(305) 293-1609
Glynn Archer Elementary (K-5), 1302 White St.....(305) 293-1601
HS2 High School Home School, 1010 Windsor Ln, Key West…..(305) 292-0075
Key West Hebrew School, 800 Eisenhower Dr.....
(305) 295-0206
Key West High School (9-12), 2100 Flagler Ax.....(305) 293-1549
Mary Immaculate Star of the Sea School
   700 Truman Av, Key West.....(305) 294-1031
Montessori Elementary Charter School, 1221 Varela.....(305) 294-4910
Saint Leo University, 718 Boca Chica NAS.....(305) 293-2847
Sigsbee Elementary   (PK-5), Sigsbee Park.....(305) 294-1861

Florida Keys and Key West Vocational Schools

Keys Security Guard Course
   2860 Dolphin Dr, Marathon.....(305) 743-3143


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